Fund Raising Ideas

General Fundraising Ideas
Want creative ways to raise donations for the hike? We've compiled a few ideas that work well for individual or team hikers/loop walkers.  Remember to keep events fun, upbeat and simple. Your invitations should state that this is a fundraising event, see below for sample wording.  Prior to the event, print out information on Parkinson's disease and have them on the table or have the Hike the Park website on your computer for guests to view. Speak to your guests about why you are participating in Hike the Park and, if you have a personal connection to Parkinson's disease, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss it. Some guests may want to donate on the spot and others may need time to think about it. Guests can donate to you directly online through your personal page on the Promises website.

Name of Event
123 House Street
In September, Joan and Bob will be participating in Hike the Park for Parkinson's. We are hosting this event to help sponsor them in their efforts to raise money for a cure.  Please join us for a Sunday treat and support a great cause! To learn more about Hike the Park for Parkinsons, visit

Coffee and Donut Party

Wine and Cheese Party

Ice Cream Social