Why Give

daveandbev What better way to celebrate the holiday season than helping a Parkinsonian in need? Your gift will be used to assist individual Parkinsonians struggling this year. Consider giving the gift of hope, health and love.

What we do: As science strives for a cure for Parkinsons, we strive to improve quality of life for Parkinsonians and their caregivers. Even if the cure-all drug were discovered tomorrow, it would take ten years before that drug was available to the public. Until then, those living with Parkinson’s need our help.

Promises for Parkinson’s is dedicated to helping patients overcome the financial challenges that accompany Parkinson’s disease. Medical equipment, such as shower chairs, wheelchairs and walkers, can help preserve a sense of independence for Parkinsonians. But not every patient can afford this equipment. Through our Care Program and your help, we can provide a patient with freedom, mobility and the confidence to face the challenge of every day tasks.

Donating to the Promises for Parkinson’s Care Program is something you can feel good about. 90% of donations go to help those living with Parkinson's and scientific research aiming to find a cure. Share the gift of independence, research and love with Parkinsonian's today.